About Schoolae
Schoolae is the social online platform and apps for the people worldwide. We, though, are for everyone, but we put our emphasis on young generation


Schoolae is a US-based tech start-up. We have developed the world’s first online social networking platform, Schoolae App, and the website www.schoolae.com, which are only for the students worldwide. You find here all the amazing features that you can use to make “student-friends” world-wide and communicate with them by posting your thoughts, photographs, images, videos, reactions, gifs, comments etc. You can create groups. You can chat with friends (Chatterbox). You can also upload audio directly on Schoolae to share. These are regulars. Once you register and login, please make sure to visit Profile/About and fill out the first text-field with: NAME, YOUR SCHOOL/ COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY NAME, and COUNTRY. This will display you to the students world-wide with your beloved identity as a student, show off your darling school/college/university name, and your country name. Make sure, also, you upload your profile picture (avatar). And here begins your historical journey with Schoolae to build the virtual world for the most active, vibrant, powerful, passionate, influential, and important part of human life – that is, “the student life.” Surprisingly, student-world, as the social virtual networking platform, has been ignored for all these years. Schoolae is here to create, foster, and celebrate the student-world through its virtual platform. In no time, it will be the most amazing, spoken, active, powerful, beneficiary, and celebrated virtual world. You are one of the players here. Congratulations!

Naturally, as you are a student, you are curious. So, we would like to leave up to you the special features for you to explore: 1. Explore the special fields in Profile/ About and fill out those. 2. Go to Member and search for members. Here you can make friend request to any member. 3. Go to Groups and find out the relevant categories that we have developed only for the students 4. Want to participate in talent competition and win cash? Explore Talent Hub feature 5. Find out many world-class and free online educational and entertainment sources on Info. Booth just in one click 6. Want to write? Check out our Hot Topics feature on Info. Booth 7. To get admission requirements, tuition, scholarship information in world-class universities and to get information on climate, crime rate, house rent etc. of the city where the university is located, please explore Featured School 8. And then visit the most amazing “Student Icon of The World” feature! Want to meet the current Student Icon of the World? Want to see yourself as the next student icon? Please explore the ” Student Icon” feature. 9. Want to ask questions on science, math, engineering, computer science, cooking, social science, sports, literature etc. to the worldwide student-audience and get answers, or want to answer to someone’s question? Go to “Q ‘N A Hub.” 10. Find out on “MEGA PRIZE GIVEAWAY” how you can win one of 100 prizes including smart phones! Sure you will have questions. We have the Help-line (no robot), where the user-manic human is waiting to help you. Visit the user-support section to find where to find help. We stand humbly before you, with our world-of-excitement, to create and serve the world’s first student virtual social networking platform, build with you, by you, and for you.